"Earth 2.0"

Fri Feb 13th 2015

Check out the new song "Earth 2.0" bei Man Killed By Stone via

Also have a look at

for a visual we did for "Earth 2.0".

Soon more news about our planned EP and other interesting things.


"MN KllD BY STN News"

Fri June 19th 2014

Hey everyone!

On a June weekend in 2014 Man Killed By Stone gathered in Hanover to work on their upcoming release.

They had good food, drank awesome beers and recorded great music.

Spread the word and stay tuned for their EP to be released end of the year.


Fri Jan 24 th 2014

Hey folks,

this is a short demo of the upcoming new track called "Timeless"!

And yes, the PRS killed it!;)

Fell free to comment,


Sat Dec 14 th 2013

"December storm"

Proud about finishing ;)!

Fri June 21 th 2013

Man Killed By Stone is socialized!

Thx for your passion!

Here it is!

Tue June 18th 2013

"Post in june" is the third output of "Man Killed By Stone"!

This recording was a kind of journey through different genre.

So let´s see what you think!;-)

Sun May 26th 2013

Hey folks!

Soon there will be a few more songs to come out from Joei and Hanson´s Project called "Man Killed By Stone"! Until this check out their soundcloud profil and leave some comments. Also you can download and share their sounds ;-)!

So be curious about that and stay heavy!


PS: Did you also checked Holly´s MosEisley with "Duration", or Stefan´s Congoroo with "No Monkey, No!"?

"The march"!

Thu Feb 21th 2013

The second output of "Man Killed By Stone" is available on soundcloud!

Please tell us what you think with the comment function.

Man Killed By Stone!

Sat Nov 17th 2012

Hanson and Joey started a new home recording project called "Man Killed By Stone". Get a first impression below:

Please tell us what you think with the comment function in soundcloud.

The Unspoken Truth for sale

Mon Sep 19th 2011

You can find our record on the following sides including iTunes:




Simfy (for streaming)

Good bye!

Thu May 26th 2011

Hey folks!

As you may noticed, STRAIGHT FORWARD is dead!

After a long journey during the last 10 years, we´re at the point of ending!

There are a few reasons why we cannot continue. First and basic is the few time we have for this to go on intensely. Everybody has his own things to do, like work and family! So there is no way do go on like we all wish for. It´s an collective desicion we made and we want to tell you the truth about this!

You never say never there will be a reunion in future times, but now it´s final!

We´re deeply gratefull for your support during the years, be sure we enjoyed it a lot! Everyone of us will stay musical in different ways. Stefan in Congoroo; Holly in Mos Eisley, Deamonheim, Transience... and the rest of the guys in things like homerecording. So you can be shure to hear from us!

Maybe there is a chance for a last concert in ML! We look forward to do this.

Ok, that´s it! Stay heavy and SEE YOU!

SF 2011

Myspace under reconstruction!

Thu Dec 2th 2010

Cheers dudes!

As you may notice, myspace started on 30th of Nov with a new design and layout. We will reconstruct our page in a few weeks. So during that time you will be forwarded with our lastfm account!

Meanwhile we are still in process and their will be great new stuff for the next lp! So have all a nice xmas and see you next year!Cheers!


Working hard

Sun Oct 17th 2010

Hey guys!

Just a short view what goes around at the SF Camp.

We still alive, but really busy. It means there was not enough time for touring and playing live this year. But now we are in writing process for a new LP, which comes out in 2011. We try to make a selfproduction, so it will take much more time and energy like past recordings.

Nevertheless we`re on a good way to reach the next level in writing songs!

Back to the roots! It means fast, melodical death metal with elements of trash, rocknroll, modern metal and things like that. So be curious and if there`s some demoshit, we will offer it as fast as we can!

Cheers SF

Voting! Support for Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium!

Tue July 23 2010

"Dark Tranquillity and Century Media are searching for local support bands for the upcoming WHERE DEATH IS MOST ALIVE TOUR part II 2010 in Europe. Main support is coming from Insomnium who won this years Finnish Metal Awards for Best Band and Best Album. Thanks to all bands that sent in material, it was hard to chose the ones that will be part of the contest! Check out (and vote for) the bands by clicking on one of the dates! The voting will end on August 9th!"

Click on these two links to vote for us:

~ Leipzig |

~ Berlin |

Alright guys, now you know what to do! It´s possible to vote daily!!!

It's tough to be at the top guys :-)


Evolving plans

Sun May 17 2010

If you know any locations around North-, East- or South Germany, let us know via the contact formular.

While we try to schedule the tour, we are in seek of locations where to play. We already have contacts to Bremen, Hannover, Halle, Dresden, Erfurt, Jena & Bavaria.

More news will come soon..

johannes and SF.


Mon May 10th 2010

... to all the people that came Friday and made the evening a wonderful experience. Good to see familiar and new faces among the whole crowd! It's great to be back on a stage after the long break we had and also to have Klemens as our new lead vocalist who is screaming his lungs out to make SF sound more brutal than ever before.

Thanks also to all the bands that brought creativity up on stage and made everyone headbang and mosh the whole time. CHEERS GUYS!

We are definitely keen to bring you new songs in the upcoming month. We are working on new material and also planning a tour with CATENA(Swe) -

Be sure to check out the tour schedule in the near future as we will put the dates up as soon as we get the venues confirmed.

johannes and SF.

SF back on stage!!!

Th Apr. 15th 2010


Tu Mar. 09th 2010

It´s done!

Now you can check the vids from the amazing sepultura supportgig at hellraiser/leipzig.So enjoy it!


Hey guys, we're back!!!

We Jan. 27th 2010

Hanson and his wife are back from their trip to the middle of nowhere! Joey travels around New Zealand till the end of febuary! Now the rest of the band will process their impressions and put them together for writing some new songs. So let´s see what comes around!

The mediasection is going to be filled with cuts from the amazing sepulura supportgig in a few days. So be prepaired for some realy cool stuff!

Alright folk, see you in summer on stage!!!

SF 2010!

Weblog for Joey and Hanson's trips to the End Of The World

Su Oct. 11th 2009

Joey made a weblog for upcoming news from New Zealand and also Hanson will share his experiences with the world. There will be loads of pictures and text. Also you can tell us what you think about our shit via posting comments to every blog entry.

You can reach the weblog on

Cheers for now


"The Dying Light" official video

Th Sep. 3rd 2009

Now it´s done!!!

Here is the official music video of "The Dying Light" taken from the 2008 EP "The Unspoken Truth"!

Enjoy this crazy video right now at our media section and don´t be afraid of leaving comments! So have a fuckin´ nice stay dudes!



Destroying The World

We Aug. 26th 2009

Eventually some of you heard rumors about a break in SF.

Joey and Hanson are going to start a half year journey in autumn! Hanson and his beautiful wife Yvonne will go on a 5 month trip to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. Joey will do an intership regarding his studies at a University in New Zealand for about 5 months and visit Thailand afterwards! Unfortunately for that reason SF will do a break until April 2010.

In this period the rest of the band will engage in their own projects and former bands (take a look in the Link section). Check them out, guys!

Also we are very proud to announce that our music video for "The Dying Light" (taken from "The Unspoken Truth"-EP) is finished!!! We are going to release this stuff in the early future in the Media section on the page.

Furthermore the whole support show for Sepultura is cut and will pe prepared for a free DVD soon! Be sure that this will light your chimneys with pure fucking Thrash Metal during the Winter without SF :)

So be curious and stay heavy!

See you in 2010, motherfuckers! (Of course with new material and lots of concerts!!!)


Collecting reviews

Th Jun. 25th 2009

At the moment we are collecting reviews across the net and in magazines for our discography section. If you have found anything not listed yet, please let us know via our contact formular.

Also we are planning to play some gigs this years late summer in Jena and Bavaria.


Johannes and SF

New Homepage

Fr Jun. 19th 2009

Welcome to the new homepage of the melodic death band STRAIGHT FORWARD! This page will give you more information about the band, their members and what´s going on.

So have a nice stay and be curious!

Hailz, SF