Holly- guitar

Joey - bass

Kle - vocals

Hanson - guitar/vocals

Russel - drums

Established in spring 2002 by formers of the grunge rock band PARIA - Johannes Ochs(v/g), Torsten Hollstein(g), Christian Raufeisen(d).

Torsten Schwan entered STRAIGHT FORWARD as bassplayer in summer 2002 and the lineup was completed. During the following months, the band composed a few songs of oldshool metal, touched by grunge and rock.

In early 2003 the first demo "STRAIGHT FORWARD" was recorded in the rehearsalroom at their hometown mansfeld (MSH/D). This first self-produced tape showed already the spirit and the quality in this band. Later the four strings came into Christopher Krauss' hands. The following shows and a lot of practice influenced the musical style concerning harmonics, rhythm and melody. Also a true fanbase evolved.

In 2004 Christian Raufeisen and Christoper Krauss quit the band. Rick Middelkoop(d) and Stefan Kupfer(b) joined STRAIGHT FORWARD in the first studiorecordings for "Of Destiny And Inner Fight" 2005. The EP was recorded in march 2005 at "OutSane Studio"/ Eisleben (MSH/D) by C.Faust / M.Home. The inspiring work at studio offered the band to enlarge their musical boundaries. The spirit of the band was furthermore inspiring and so "OutSane Studio" was booked again to record their first longplayer "Longings For a Lifetime" 2006. Eleven songs of modern crossover metal have been done. Their style changes more and more influenced by american and european metalcore. Another trend was shown in writing swedish melodic death metal parts. Convenient lyrics endorsed by powering vocals gave weight to the agression of their music. After a lot of great shows during the following months, Rick Middelkoop and Stefan Kupfer quit the band.

Even trough all the changing lineup, the band stays alive. Stefan Jeschke(d)2007 and Johannes Helmuth(b)2008 complete the actual lineup. The band fit together and became more technical and mature in writing songs.

So in summer 2008 the band takes another time in the studio to record their new Ep "The Unspoken Truth". This record shows the wide base of STRAIGHT FORWARD. Heavy riffs including catchy melodies, swedish death metal influences, finest moshs and breakdowns with a touching atmosphere and the strength of powerful vocals. A lot of amazing reviews by online and print mags confirming the hard work trough the years.

In early 2009 the band decided to fulfill the line up. Klemens B., an old friend and part in SF-Merchandise, takes place in headvocals. Now there will be more opportunity for writing music. This change will open up a new chapter in SF-history.

STRAIGHT FORWARD is still in progress, so be curious for the future.